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What you should know about license plate number lookup is that there is no free search or a free license plate director where you can do your research at no cost, unless of course you actually have a police office as a personal friend who can look it up for you. Like I said, there is a charge for this service and at the same time there are a lot of lookup license plate scams on the Internet so you should be really careful with your choice as far as the provider (website) is concerned. There are several legitimate websites on the Internet that allow you to conduct such license plate searches, but there is a fee for registering and it varies from $30 to as much as $200 depending on the options. Those websites allow you to perform different searches using various databases and criterions. The downside is that no one can guarantee you any results and you will be the one that has to do the work. On top of that, not all online services give you the option to search for license plates or VINs from all states, so make sure you check that before registering.

Peoplelookup.info is a website featuring a database with hundreds of millions of records from any number of public databases, you're sure to find all the information you need. The vast majority of searches and databases are free. However, some services may require an additional fee, as not every process is automated. Some lookups or research may only be available in hard copies, or they may require the services of a professional. Most simple searches will return a great deal of information; it's only when you need in-depth information or are investigating a particularly difficult-to-find individual that you may wish to resort to specialized services.


A person usually needs to lookup a license plate in order to find someone who owes him money, committed crime against him or caused a road accident. All license plate searches must to be in compliance with the Driver's Privacy Protection Act, which sets the exact reasons why a person is allowed to carry out such a search. If you meet those conditions, you can make your search by using the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) or plate number. Those searches can provide you with information regarding the vehicle owner's full name and address.

Every state has a DMV - Department of Motor Vehicles, which maintains a database with all license plates and VINs for the given state. Every vehicle in this database has a unique title and whenever a change is made (change of ownership), it is reported to the DVM and the database is updated. In this chain of thoughts, it's evident that filling up a request to the DVM is the best and most accurate way of conducting reverse license plate number lookup.

The Police Department and the state DMV are the only institutions authorized to lookup license plates. There are lot of websites offering lookup telephone number type of service. There are several legitimate websites on the Internet that allow you to conduct a license plate search, but there is a fee for registering and it varies from $30 to as much as $200 depending on the options. A criminal search reveasl information about the criminal background of a given individual.